Saturday, October 27, 2012

Higby Before the Storm

The air was so thick you can barely see West Peak in the distance. 

Saturday before the Hurricane Sandy was set to hit, the tropical air was thick, warm, and quiet.  A group of us set out to enjoy the last of the fall hiking before making final preparation for the massive storm that was predicted.  And so now I'm enjoying the last of the electricity, heat and water as the storm approaches and will leave you with these pictures. That may be it for awhile on the trails, depending on what kind of mess  Sandy leaves behind. [update: lost power for six days]

The popular first viewpoint. 

Looking towards the second Higby peak

Don't step backwards.

Delicate Harebell flowers in bloom on the edge of the cliff.

Harebell - a native species

Bayberries - the stuff they make candles from

Bayberry growing on the cliff edge

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