Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random Letterbox Findings

Unusual entry in a letterbox logbook

It's not uncommon for non-letterboxers (often affectionately called noxers or muggles) to find a letterbox by accident and sign the logbook. We don't usually get artwork like the entry above however (entitled, "So what exactly is this thing?)

Letterbox Logbook Entry

Here's another random entry that made me laugh:  "Found this lookin for snakes."  That's funny, because I usually find snakes while looking for letterboxes.

A good reason not to put ink pads in letterboxes
For some reason, a lot of letterboxers in Connecticut put ink pads in the letterboxes they hide.  It's not necessary, and there are good reasons not to, including the fact that a flooded box with an ink pad is disastrous. I became covered with ink the day I found this, and spent hours on the trails covered in blue. Also, it ink pads are very expensive,  the ink dries out pretty fast, and it requires you to use a larger container.  


  1. I found a series today that all had ink inside, and they weren't flooded, but I think condensation had breached the pads, which made for a small mess. The sentiment was nice, they wanted their homemade stamps displayed in the colors they envisioned. Still looking for some good artwork, as I do leaf thru the logbooks while I am there.

  2. i do have one box with an ink pad. the stamp is popcorn and thought many people probably don't carry a yellow pad. i keep forgetting that some people carry markers.