Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MDC Reservoir #6

Welcome to MDC Reservoir Number Six, located in West Hartford and Bloomfield.  This reservoir is a lot bigger than the previous five reservoir, from which it is separated by Route 44 (as well as a lot of woods). This "Reservoir Park" was much quieter than the other one, and I enjoyed it a lot more. 

Heublin Tower up on Talcott Mountain above Reservoir Six

The reservoir is about a mile and a half long, with a loop circling it. A lot of people were walking on the paved service road along the east side. That's where the best views are, like the one above. That's the view you pass while driving to the back parking lot because the front one is full.

Hartford skyline from the back parking lot
I did not expect the spectacular view of Hartford from the parking lot (parking lot!) at the reservoir. It seems that the reservoir is pretty high in elevation, which must help with water pressure to the communities below.

North of the back lot (and filtration plant), the paved road ends, a gravel road continues, and the reservoir becomes quite peaceful and scenic. I felt like pitching a tent. 

The entire west side of the reservoir is traversed by the gravel service road, which also serves as the Metacomet/New England Trail. I was there on a weekday, so maybe that's why it wasn't that busy. Still, most of the people seemed to want to walk down the paved service road (open to car traffic) rather than this beautiful gravel path.  Some things I'll just never understand!

Maidenhair Fern

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